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Education and Personal Development

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Education and Personal Development


TOEFL Exam Prep

Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs around the world require students to demonstrate their ability to communicate in English as an entrance requirement. The TOEFL test gives test takers the opportunity to prove they can communicate ideas effectively by simulating university classroom and student life communication. The test measures how well test takers use English, not just their knowledge of the language. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the TOEFL, including information about the test, an explanation of test scores, and thorough coverage of each area of the test itself. In addition, students will have the opportunity to take practice TOEFL tests that will help estimate how the student might perform on the actual test. Upon completion of this course, students will be fully prepared to take the TOEFL examination.. Click here for the full description of TOEFL Exam Prep


Ultimate Resume Building

This course is designed to prepare students how to prepare a professional resume. The course outlines important information regarding the importance of resumes, structure, and tips and tricks of word processor when developing resumes. This course will teach students how to build a strong resume, which is imperative in today's competitive job market.. Full description of Ultimate Resume Building


Grammar Essentials

In this course, we will learn how words work alone and together in predictable ways to express meaning. We will explore how subjects and verbs create clauses and join other structures to form sentences and how knowing the patterns of English can help writers avoid and correct common errors. We will learn how punctuation marks act as a written code to aid understanding and how paragraphs and essays present ideas and evidence on a larger scale and in a variety of ways through the process of composition. To reinforce these concepts, this course focuses less on “rules” and more on the skills and structures that successful writers use to communicate.. Full description of Grammar Essentials

Learning Styles in the Classroom

Does it seem like some of your students get it with very little help from you while others never seem to even after a lot of one-on-one coaching? If so, it could that you are not speaking their learning language. Every person brings their own learning style to the classroom, even young children. By learning about your own learning style and the learning styles of others you will learn ways to reach all of your students and to help them to learn better.. Full description of Learning Styles in the Classroom